prices and reservations

Room prices
For your information, an overview of the approximate room prices including breakfast


It is recommended to make a reservation on your room in advance, especially during the festivity periods (3 weeks before).
Reservations can be made by E-mail, by phone or by fax. Mention your name, adress and phone no. If possible, also mention your credit card number and expiration date (Visa or MasterCard)

Phone        (509) 3844-8264/65
Fax            (509) 3482-2585


Prices in U.S. dollars
10% sales tax to be added.
Prices may vary slightly.

Payment and currencies

How to get to the hotel

Payments are preferred cash in haitian Gourdes or U.S. dollars. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

A good, asphalted road takes you into the southeast of Haiti, to Jacmel, 80 kilometres from the capital Port-au-Prince. Once in the town of Jacmel, with the "elf" service station on your right, make a left turn into the Avenue Baranquilla, in the direction of Marigot. Continue on for roughly seven minutes and follow the indication of the hotel. Bon voyage, welcome and "always with the smile !" (See also Home Page)

Seminaries and

The lecture hall with its capacity of 70 people is ideal for congresses and seminaries which can be organized at the hotel.

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